Weekender: Corey Linsley’s Ego Check

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If you caught last week’s NFL’s NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, it was a real nail biter. The Seahawks came back to win it in overtime, but Packer’s starting center Corey Linsley provided some sage wisdom that can help many of us prepare for our challenges ahead.

I’m not a confident person. That’s just me. I just have that personality, where my mind-set constantly is ‘worst-case scenario.’ Whenever I’ve been confident about a situation, it leads me to be overconfident. [Suppressing my confidence] relaxes me. I feel like, if I go out there and think, I’m going to get killed, my nervous system says, Wake up. Or you’re going to get killed.

There are many article and research studies discussing the need for confidence (I’m responsible for much of it), but the dangers of an inflated ego cannot be overstated. Sure, it’s great to start the day with a positive mental check; we need to believe in ourselves…to a point.

Like Corey, my biggest losses have been the result of having no doubt, no skepticism, no reservations. I need to keep a little fear in the forefront of my thoughts. It ensures that I don’t underestimate my opponents and that I put in the preparation necessary to come out ahead.

Don’t let your high self-esteem get in the way of success. Believe you can win, while forcing yourself to continue proving it.

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