Weekender: Jonah Ray on Self-Induced Ambition


Welcome to another edition of leadersayswhat’s the Weekender, a quick thought to start your weekend off on the right track. Why just a quick thought? Because it’s the weekend!

On the Fitzdog Radio podcast, Jonah Ray was discussing his ambitious work schedule.

I’m doing a lot but I’m not doing enough, to me. Cause we know other guys who are doing way more.

This comment may seem humble, but Johah has two podcasts (Nerdist and Jonah Radio), his acting work, writing and producing on the show @Midnight, regular standup comedy gigs, and he recently started a record label (Mutual Appreciation Society). Sound busy?

How many of us overload our schedules because we’ve defined hard work by comparing ourselves to others? Instead of determining for one’s self how much time and effort we’d like to designate to a project, it has become much more common to feel guilty because we are not doing enough. Then, we stretch ourselves so thin that nothing of substance or depth seems to get done. And if it did, how would we know; we are distracted by everything else we’ve committed to do.

I am not advocating that we do only one thing. I am simply suggesting that we take a moment to consider the ramifications before taking on additional responsibilities. Do less better, than more mediocrely.

There will always be someone else doing more than you. Figure out for yourself when your drive has become bigger than your available time. You can then decide whether you need to bring in help, shift priorities, or just say no.

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