Weekender: Mark Ruffalo on the Law of Interaction


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As parents, we are often concerned with who our kids choose as friends. These influential years will, after all, determine what type of adult our children become. But what about us? Is there a point when we’ve moved beyond our influential years? Not according to Mark Ruffalo.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Mark was asked whether he tries to stay in character between scenes.

I don’t see it, but my wife knows it, she says: ‘OK, you’re totally different, the way you walk, the way you talk. Sometimes the way you relate to people changes when you’re in a role.’ You’re bringing those attributes onto yourself and then you spend the next three months more in that person’s life than in your own. It’s the law of interaction, where whatever you come into contact with, you take something away from that thing that changes you.

You cannot escape being affected by the people with whom you interact, your environment, and your experiences. Whether or not you realize it, these factors impact your behavior, decisions, and perceptions. And this does not end with adulthood; we remain susceptible for as long as we are participating in society.

Once you accept your vulnerability to the law of interaction, you can make a conscious choice to surround yourself with stimuli that has a positive affect on your well-being. Choose friends who push you to be better. Choose workplaces that have an engaging culture. And choose to spend your time and resources on meaningful endeavors. Make your law of interaction, a law of constructive interactions.

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