Weekender: Vince Vaughn’s Confidence

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On WTF Podcast with Marc Maron, actor and filmmaker Vince Vaughn was offering some advice to the host.

At some point, let’s get a little backbone here, right? Let’s fight through it. No one likes the victim… It’s kinda like someone’s gotta make you okay with that journey. The only one who can make you okay is you. Honestly, that’s real love.

No one else can make us feel better about ourselves. When things don’t go well, it’s easy to feel like a victim, but this is self-fulfilling – the more we think it, the more we act like it, and the more others will treat us this way. Vince then went on to describe how he built up his confidence.

The confidence comes from working at something more and more. And I think the fear, which I had [earlier in my career] is a good thing depending on how you manage it.

Don’t beat yourself up when trying something new. Remember, it takes time to perfect a new skill. Confidence will follow once you’ve put in the work.

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