Chris Hardwick on Goal Attainment

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Have you ever set a big goal, achieved it, and walked away feeling unfulfilled? Maybe you were too focused on the end and didn’t take the time to appreciate how you got there.

If this seems unusual, consider what Chris Hardwick, the host of the show At Midnight and founder of, recently said on his podcast: “Good or bad you have to enjoy the process because the goal achievement, the attainment of the goal is so fleeting.”

When I asked a few success entrepreneurs about the dawn of their career, they spoke of the hard times, the bumps and setbacks they faced to get where they are – failed endeavors, botched decisions, unfortunate timing. You might think that reliving these disappointments would stir frustration. Instead, they recalled these times with fondness. In hindsight, these individuals enjoyed the process. Many even said that they would go back and do it again if they could.

You don’t really grow in the attainment moment, you grow during the process. — Chris Hardwick

Leaders often get so caught up in reaching the finish line that they lose sight of everything they did to get there. This is understandable; leaders, by nature, are driven to reach goals. Just consider that you spend little of your life realizing results. Most of your time is devoted to the preparation, learning, and incrementally struggle to conquer the challenges.

Take a breath to appreciate what’s happening right now. Carpe diem is an overused phrase, but that does not mean it’s inconsequential.  We need to celebrate the small wins along the way. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for those around you who need the encouragement.

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