Hulk Hogan on Perceptual Disposition

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Why does Hulk Hogan always look so angry? Whenever I see him wresting, he’s sneering like a lion on the attack. Maybe he’s mastered what science is just now figuring it.

When Hulk Hogan enters the ring, he begins with some intimidating poses. This is followed by ripping off his shirt and “trash talking” with his opponent. These theatrics might be fun, but through it all Hogan keeps a stern look. As leaders, this tactic could be beneficial.

Research from the journal Psychological Science indicates that people are more likely to concede when they are presented with an intimidating facial expression. An angry face increases the effectiveness of pressuring others.

You may read this and decide to scowl for the rest of the day. That was not my intent in sharing it with you. On an aside, if maintaining a choleric impression is your take away, chances are that you were inclined to do this without my prompting.

An angry disposition is a powerful weapon that should only be used for good, not to help you on your quest towards world domination. It only works when used sparingly and as a last resort. If this is your “go-to” move, it will become less effective as people get use to it. It will also lead to others perceiving you as unapproachable, unsociable, and withdrawn.

There is no singularly perfect leadership style. Different situations call for flexibility on the part of the leader. We need a deep, diverse bag of tricks. An angry facial expression is one of many that may work for you. If it doesn’t, you can always try ripping off your shirt and yelling, “Whatchya gonna do?”

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