Bill Hader on Appreciative Joy

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Through the ups, downs, sleepless nights, and restless days, leaders put everything they have into becoming the leader. With all of this work, there is always the hope that once the end goal is attained, the leader can take a deep breathe and relax a bit. The reality is that this is rarely the case. For all the effort it takes to become the leader, it takes even more to be successful in the role. Since there is no respite, you need to find the time to enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t be a Bill Hader.

Bill Hader is a veteran of Saturday Night Live. Before earning this coveted role, Bill trained in the Second City comedy troupe and toiled as a production assistant in a number of low budget shows and movies. Once he finally had the job of his dreams, it took him four years to enjoy it.

My fourth season was when I started to have fun, before then I was so rigid. [Later] I would see that in newer cast members. I’d take them aside and say, ‘Have fun! Don’t do what I did.’

How many of us fall into the same trap? How many of us reach a lofty goal and don’t take the time to appreciate what we’ve done? The workload may distract us from enjoying ourselves or a sense of insecurity could set it. For Bill, he felt pressure to succeed.

The first two years, I wasn’t able to sleep on Friday nights. If you saw me on the show then, I hadn’t slept in about 48 hours.

You’ll spend much more of your time trying to accomplish something versus actually accomplishing it so find ways to appreciate the smaller milestones leading up to the end goal. Don’t look back with regret; carve out some time to have fun, to enjoy what you are doing. That’s when your best work will come out.

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