Weekender: Jason Sudeikis on Being Authentic to Yourself

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Welcome to another edition of leadersayswhat’s the Weekender, a dab of contemplation to start your weekend on the right track. Why just a dab? Because it’s the weekend!

When facing a challenge, a natural reaction is to conform with pre-established practices. Trying to replicate a peer’s success provides a feeling of security and reassurance. But what happens when the current norm is not in line with your true self?

On the podcast Off Camera with Sam Jones, Saturday Night Live alumni and star of the upcoming movie Sleeping with Other People Jason Sudeikis discussed his frustration when his began on SNL. He could not get anything on the air for thirteen consecutive weeks. So instead of following the popular route where he writes for the host, Jason wrote something for his friends. It was a hit and Jason was propelled into SNL infamy.

It was this moment like, ‘Oh, this show wants you to be whatever you want the show to be.’ It’s like, if you’re writing for the show, aiming for the show, aiming to be on the show, it will change the way you make your stuff. If you’re only trying to fit in you’re never going to be the shape that you really are, you’re only going to be the shape you think you need to be. And that goes for everything.

Don’t sabotage your potential success. Assimilation may bring a few small wins but it is not worth the price of inauthenticity. Make the difficult move to be the shape you really are. While it won’t guarantee that you’ll come out on top, it will be a surefire path towards happiness.

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