Weekender: Anna Kendrick’s Inspiring Life Motto

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Welcome to another edition of leadersayswhat’s the Weekender, a nibble of thought to start your weekend on the right track. Why just a nibble? Because it’s the weekend!

When we achieve a grand accomplishment, it’s easy for that burst of success to morph into something that is less than graceful. Who can blame you? The win didn’t happen by accident; you achieved it through hard work, sacrifice, and sheer willpower. But at what point does your ego lose touch with reality?

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, actress Anna Kendrick was asked for her motto, her mantra that guides her decisions. What she said is beneficial advice for anyone who is trying to achieve anything.

I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t make me sound like a pretentious f–kface. Maybe that should be my motto: Don’t be a pretentious f–kface.

Its not going to end up in a Presidential speech, but Anna’s quote is eloquent in its simplicity. Too often, that justifiable feeling of “I deserve this win” mutates into the less attractive “The world has recognized my greatness.”

Before you are consumed by your ego (or vice versa), continue to remind yourself that attempting to appear more impressive then you factually are is not a path to success. If anything, it will slow down your progress and repel those who might otherwise be allies. Embrace your well-earned credit, maintain your humility, and keeping repeating, “Don’t be a pretentious f–kface.”

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